5 Green Ways to have a quality Summer with your Kids.

5 Ways to Have a Green Summer

Here it is Summer time again. The kids are out of school, and parents are looking forĀ  ways to spend quality time with them. Here are 5 Green Ways to have a quality Summer with your kids. Make a Family

Trip to a Donation Center

Have everyone in the family go through all of their stuff and load up anything they haven’t used in a year or more. Take it all to the local donation center/store during store hours. Tell the kids that it’s better for the earth to donate than to throw stuff away. Walk the younger ones through the store and maybe even let them pick out a new book or toy. Explain the paper and plastic that is saved by buying used instead of new.

Go Pick Fruit or Vegetables

This will give your children the ability to learn about where the food in the grocery store actually comes from. You can also teach them about the importance of local growers in our community. After you’ve spent some time picking berries you can go home and make a home made pie!

beach-campingGo Camping

Camping is a wonderful family friendly activity. It is also a great way to teach children to respect nature. Spending time out doors is a great way to cut down on all the electricity spent on TV video games, and other indoor activities.

Visit the Beach
Family trips to the beach are fantastic, and a fun way to learn even more about nature. Collect sea shells with the kids and explain how our water usage can affect the ocean.

Build a Birdhouse
It may take a little time and some ingenuity, but it will be worth the payoff. Help the kids identify what kind of birds come to visit the backyard this year. This will show them that nature is everywhere not just when you leave home.

I would love to hear your summer stories and maybe even include some pictures in my next newsletter! Send them to amanda@jetscape.com. Don’t get the newsletter? Let me know and I’ll add your email to the list!


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