New Ink, the truth…

Do you know what you are really getting when you How Much are You Paying for This?buy a brand new ink cartridge? Most people don’t realize that they may not be getting what they think they are paying for. The companies that make new ink cartridges are not trying to educate you either. So here’s the skinny… most new ink jet cartridges are about half full. Here’s one we tore apart to illustrate my point.

This is not a “starter” cartridge. This is a full price cartridge at the called for standard capacity.   If you buy a re-manufactured cartridge, the plastic casing is reused and the cartridge is filled completely to capacity. This is a better option for the environment as well as you pocket book. Most re-manufactured cartridges are 30% to 70% less expensive and have 30% to 50% more ink in them. The re-manufactured cartridge is equal to a new cartridge in every way and can save you money.

Check some prices HERE by:Amanda Brand

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