Copious Packaging

I have discussed how to start going green in previous posts. But I haven’t discussed packaging. Some of the biggest waste in America is packaging products. I am still trying to figure out whether the companies are trying to protect the product or the consumer. The next time you go shopping keep your eyes open… How many over packaged items can you find? See some examples here

If you are often shipping things, think about how you pack. Our company reuses all the boxes we get shipments in to send our shipments out, including the packing material. This keeps all this waste out of landfills and saves the company and our customers money because we don’t have to buy boxes and packing materials. We also reuse our boxes when we get them back on returns so we don’t have to have new boxes made for us.

These are just somethings to consider both when purchasing and shipping. How green can you go?

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