Can You Answer These Questions?

Can You Answer These Questions?

• How many printers, copiers, MFPs do you have?HP 4050

• Are they being properly used? Too much? Too little?

• How often are they in need of service?

• How often are the printers out of toner?

• How old are they?

• What is your current meter read submission process?

• How much time does it take?

• How much IT time is spent supporting printing devices?

Don’t know? Why would YOU have to manage your imaging environment anyway?

Trends Impacting Imaging FleetsCanon Copier

• The Gartner Group estimates that corporations spend between 1-3% of their annual revenue on printing

• The average office employee spends $15,000 a year in document output*

• The cost of printing continues to increase due to higher page volumes and increased use of color devices

• 40% of all IT / help desk calls are printer/copier related**

• The average office has 1 printing device for every 4 employees when the optimum ratio is 1 to 10**

• The average printing device is in an error state 55% of the time***

* Source: All Associates

** Source: The Gartner Group

***PrintFleet Inc. database research 12/9/05

Financial Impacts of Printing Devices In Organizations

• Increased page volumes = increased imaging costs

• Capital budgets are being stretched with the erratic purchase of output technology, reactive supplies ordering and emergency servicing

• The related costs of administration, management and supply inventory continue to rise

• High cost of IT time is spent dealing with printing device maintenance issues and detracts from the departments core initiatives

• Little or no device placement management results in high-cost devices receiving the volume of pages

* Source: DocuAudit International

JetScape Can Help

JetScape has an innovative print management system that will maximize the potential of the printing technology you currently have, while helping you source the most efficient devices when it makes sense to refresh.

The results are:

• 10% to 30% savings in overall printing costs

• Proactive maintenance and supplies fulfillment on your entire fleet

• A healthier, more efficient fleet

• Reduction in IT involvement with printing devices

• We manage your imaging environment remotely while you take care of day-to-day business

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