Blog World Expo ’09

Wow!!! Blog World Expo ’09 was amazing!

I was overwhelmed with information and really fantastic ideas about blogging and social media! I just want to thank everyone that participated for all the help and great ideas!

The speakers list was an amazing list of talented individuals! Thank goodness Blog World Expo had the foresight to set up a channel for some videos of the event.

I honestly believe that I will have to have at least three clones of myself for next year. As much information as I got I was unable to go to all the classes that would have benefited me. The Blog World Schedule was grueling!

Me Three

Great websites that I was introduced to while I was there. — niche social media site list — update all your social networks at once — schedule all your twitter updates — Twitter Apps with rating and description

Links to more presentations and information from Blog World

State of the Blogosphere (more cool stuff at Technorati)

How to Design a Killer Blog (check out some of @studionashvegas ‘s other presentations!)

Social Media Time Management (more from presentations from @ambercadabra )


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