Blog World Expo ’09 World Record!

Coolest thing that came out of Blog World Expo ’09?

The “new Guinness World Record for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media.” While at #BWE09 we were encouraged to add the #beatcancer hashtag to all of our tweets, facebook updates, and blogs because MillerCoors, eBay, PayPal, and Genesis Today were donating a penny per tweet.

In all over $70,000 dollars were raised and donated to four cancer charities. This shows social media can do great things! What Gives!? has a great blog about it with details on how it all breaks down.  Make sure you check out their videos with interviews from the charities that participated at Blog World Expo ’09

Don’t forget to check out the #beatcancer website for the up to the minute total of #beatcancer mentions.

Barbaras friends Logo

JetScape Copier (the company I work for) has a children’s cancer charity we work closely with in Southwest Florida called Barbara’s Friends. Please pick a charity and do what you can for them, be it time, money, or getting the word out!


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