Ink Nightmare “You Were Right!”

Yesterday I was at the Bridge Business Expo here in Fort Myers, where I was greeted by one my networking friends and the line “You were right.” Now as much as I like being right, it seemed that she’d had an issue. So I asked her what I was right about. It seems that she had decided to overlook two of my little pieces of advice.

  1. Always have a backup ink or toner for your machine.
  2. Don’t have your cartridges “refilled” (especially by a while you wait service)

I’m no Boy Scout, but I learned long ago “be prepared” is a great motto. Having a back up cartridge eliminates the last-minute rush to get a one when you are in the middle of a big print job, on a Saturday. This usually leads to a purchase at a big box store for 30% to 70% more money. A little bit of preparedness goes a long way in your pocket-book.

As far as refills go, they just aren’t as reliable. The while you wait refills usually skip some very important steps in the process. At JetScape Copier & Cartridge Warehouse there are a few steps to remanufacturing a cartridge so we know it is quality.

The remanufacture of an inkjet at JetScape looks something like this:


My friend confided in me she needed a cartridge in a hurry and couldn’t get to me at JetScape, so she went to get it refilled. It was a color cartridge and because they are the more expensive cartridge she convinced her self it was worth the savings to have it refilled.

The store she went to told her it would be at least an hour before the cartridge would be done. She was on a dead line and in a hurry so she just left the cartridge there to be refilled. She bought a “big box store” cartridge to finish her very important project. Now she’s bought the most expensive cartridge and still has to pay for the refilled cartridge.

She didn’t get back to pick up her cartridge for a week. She told me that even though she had theoretically saved about $3 on the cartridge the color quality wasn’t the same, it was a huge hassle, and it just wasn’t worth it to her. I hate that she had to go through that, but I do like being right! 🙂


One Response to “Ink Nightmare “You Were Right!””

  1. Why JetScape? « Go Green – N – Save Says:

    […] Fill While You Wait – This one is a little tougher. It boils down to quality here. When you have a cartridge refilled by a while you wait service there is no way they are cleaning and emptying the cartridge before they put new ink in it. It’s like realizing your milk is expired, going to the store buying a quart of milk and pouring it in the gallon on top of the spoiled milk. It doesn’t make for a good product.  Check out their refill process and compare it to our remanufacturing process. […]

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