Bio Drain of Florida |Great Green Company & Product

Over a year ago I befriended Caroline Useman, president of Bio Drain of Florida.

Bio Drain of FL Promoting Clean Water and a Clean Planet

Caroline is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold and a passion for the environment. I have learned more about bacteria from her than I ever thought I needed to know.  I won’t pass it all on here, but here’s some of the cool highlights.

Bio Drain sells live bacteria, that eats organic waste.

Huh? That means that if you put a cap full of this special bacteria down the drain, it will eat sugars, starches, soap scum, and even hair, to name a few.

The Bacteria will alleviate smells and slow drains.

The Bacteria clean the water that is leaving your house.

The Bacteria process the organic waste and turn it into water and CO2.

This bacteria is a wonderful way to do your part to clean up the waterways all over the world.

Save the Planet One Drain at a Time

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