Green Thanksgiving

I have seen a few blogs on going green this Thanksgiving and most of them mention Tofurky or Vegan meals. I will never ask you to stop eating meat. ( I actually have to eat meat Dr.’s orders ) There are a few things I think are the better ways to go green… and they will actually save you money.

No Red Plastic Cups- if your family is a big as mine, we usually use plastic cups for everyone. Instead ask people to bring a cup of their own (they’re probably bringing a dish any way) or just use your glasses if you have enough. I have taken to traveling with an insulated cup. It keeps my drink cold and I just get it filled up instead of buying plastic bottles or sodas from fast food places.

No Paper/Styrofoam Plates- I know some of you do the formal sit down already, but there are a ton of families that don’t. It honestly isn’t that hard to wash a few plates. Heck just throw them in the dishwasher, it’s more efficient anyway.

Recycle-  everything you can, from soda cans and bottles to the tin pan for the turkey. Try to make sure you have your recycling bins visible as a reminder to everyone to do their part.

Carpool- a little extra time with your family. My mother, father, boyfriend, and I will all ride together to Thanksgiving this year. I happen to think that this is one of the best parts of the holidays.

Eat Out- I know this sounds weird, but if the other things make it tough for you at home, go out to eat. Not just anywhere. Here in Fort Myers we have The Sandy Butler. They are a local market/restaurant. They are serving a beautiful and sustainable meal for Thanksgiving.

Can you think of anything else that can help make your Turkey Day a Green Day?

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