Is Your Printer Outdated? | 6 Vital Clues

Here are 6 easy ways to know if it’s time to replace your printer.

  1. It can only connect through a parallel port. If it doesn’t have USB capability, it’s not up to date.
  2. It prints less than 8 pages per minute. You may not need the fastest printer out there, but you would be amazed at the difference between 8 and 20 pages per minute.
  3. It’s an inkjet printer that has lasted 3 years. It is sad to say but printers have a built-in obsolescence, and aren’t meant to last past 3 years.
  4. It doesn’t meet all of your needs. If your printer doesn’t do all the things that you need it to do, or you have a separate printer, fax, and scanner. You probably need to upgrade to an all in one.
  5. It’s an inkjet printer. If you are printing more than 500 pages a month you need to upgrade to a laser printer. The upfront cost may be more, but you will save a ton on ink in the long run!
  6. It doesn’t work. If you have a really big paper weight on your hands let’s either get it fixed or get rid of it. No reason to have it if it doesn’t work. You’re working, it should be too!

Do you think your printer is outdated? Need some advice on what to get? Call me 239-481-1272 or email me at

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