Green Party!!

Want to party at some swank place, but it’s too far from home base? Want to do a tailgate party without the hassle? Have a bunch of people who want to drink, and no one that wants to drive? Want to spend a long day somewhere, and dread the drive back? Want to a scavenger hunt, but don’t want to send 10 cars out driving around?

That’s okay. Rent a limo-bus!

They can either pick everyone up at home or at some central location. You can party on the bus on the way to the party and on the way home from the party!  If you do your homework and pick the right company they will even help you figure out your party plans.

The cost is extremely reasonable. Many of the companies can offer discounts you won’t find elsewhere because of their relationships with local businesses. This will make your holiday party a lot safer and a much greener option too!

Here in Southwest Florida I recommend First Class Limo Bus! I had a great time going to the casino with a group of friends. The owner is honest, fair, and responsible. They are a great company that I would trust with all my events!

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