What Could You Be Doing?

Ok I made a personal decision recently to be more healthy.  I am eating better and exercising. My biggest excuse for not working out was always, ” I don’t have the time.”

So how do you make time?

Make it important to you.

You have the time to watch your favorite TV show (even if it is on DVR). You make time to eat dinner. So make what ever you are trying to fit into your schedule truly important to you and you will find a way.

Work with what you are already doing.

I don’t have to go far to get to work, or do most of my errands. When I made the choice to get active I chose to get up 30 minutes early so I could ride my bike to work 3 days each week. I already had to get up earlier on Wednesdays due to my BNI meeting, so I just get up at the same time every day now. I also realized when I am traveling less than 2 miles from the house the time difference between riding and driving is very little, so now I ride my bike.

Eliminate the unimportant.

What do you do that isn’t important? Mine was play on Facebook for 3 hours after I got home, all the while convincing my self I was working. All my information is available to everyone. If someone needs to reach me they can. I don’t need to be actively on Facebook and Twitter every moment of every day. Anything that is unimportant can be cut back or eliminated to make way for better use of your time.

I found once I did all this I was happier and had more time on my hands.

What can you do to make time? What do you do to make time? Any good work out tips for me?


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