5 Ways to Make Your Ink Cartridge Last Longer

I know ink is expensive so here are 5 simple ways to make your ink cartridge last longer.Ink replacement utility

  1. Don’t print it. If you don’t need it or you can send it to your phone. Don’t print it!
  2. Wear your glasses. Do you really need to print everything in 18pt font? Put your glasses on and back it down to 12pt font and save some ink.
  3. Use gray-scale. You don’t need color on your MapQuest directions. Think about what you are printing and if you don’t need color, use gray-scale.
  4. Be selective. Select the area you need to print. For example, when printing an email select the portion you need, copy it over to word and print it. You don’t have to save the file, and this saves you a ton of ink on all the CC addresses.
  5. Buy remanufactured cartridges, on average they have 20%-50% more ink in them to start with. Remanufactured ink is usually less expensive too! Check some prices at JetScape.com

What do you do to save ink or make it last longer? Did I miss something?

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