6 Tools to Keep on Top of Work

Busy DeskI honestly can’t believe how busy it has been here at JetScape this week! I am so sorry I haven’t had the chance to post!

So in an effort to help us both out, I want to discuss how stay on top of the chaos that can sometimes become our work place.

I am a “utility” employee. I do my best to fill any need that JetScape has. I do paperwork, customer service, dispatching, social media (across the board), face to face networking, order filling, collections, website updates, and anything else I’m asked to do. We are a small company so it is nessecary to make full use of every employee we have.

I’m a great fit for this because I get bored rather easily (Maybe it’s the ADD). So this can make it really difficult for me to stay on task and get everything accomplished during my day. I am currently using a number of tools to help me with my dizzying array of tasks.

  • Desktop- My desktop only has icons I use daily. If I am working on building a spreadsheet and it is a top priority I drop it in the middle of my desktop. If I’m done working on something I put it away in a folder or file and get rid of the desktop shortcut. This lets me use my desktop as a reminder of what I’m working on and it’s importance.
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar- I use this in conjunction with my iPhone calendar to remind me of the things I have to do everyday or on a scheduled basis. For example, call collection accounts, write a blog post, and write the monthly newsletter.
  • Firefox– Ok we all know Firefox is great. I love it. I leave my Tadalist, HootSuite, Constant Contact, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and JetScape all in tabs so when I open my internet I am already heading in the right direction. Firefox also gives me the ability to grab a tab and make a new window. I work with two monitors so there are times when I want to reference one page and write on another and this ability is great. Firefox also saves all my passwords so I don’t have to find them every time I want to log in to a page.
  • Tadalist.com – I use this to schedule tasks that are often unceremoniously dropped on my desk. For example building a database, calling a certain segment of the customer base, things to change on the website. This tool is fantastic because I can make several lists consisting of steps to take to complete a project. It lets me feel like I am accomplishing a big task by breaking it up into smaller tasks.
  • HootSuite– They make it easy to schedule and browse tweets.
  • Constant Contact– Fast and easy way for me to schedule emails and newsletters and keep track of email addresses.

Well I hope some of these tools can be of help to you. If you have more tools or ideas to help all the “utility” employees of the world feel free to comment. I am always appreciative of hints and tips.

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