10 Ways to Save and Even Make Money by Going GREEN

Everyone knows that saving money is good. What businesses are starting to realize is that consumers are beginning to make decisions based on how “eco-friendly” a business is along with other determining factors such as price. I am going to give you ten simple ways to begin to go GREEN that will save and possibly make your company money.

CFL Lightbulb1. Replace Light Bulbs

Replace as many light bulbs in the office as you can with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) CFLs use 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs. This is a very easy way to reduce the amount of electricity your office uses on a daily basis.

Off Switch2. Turn Off Machines

Another great way to save energy is to turn off all your office machines at the end of the day. The little bit of effort it takes to switch off the fax, copier, printer, computers, and all the lights may save an inordinate amount of money on the electric bill every month. You’ll start to see your savings right away.

Leaky Faucet3. Check for Leaks

Another way to save money is to make sure the office doesn’t have leaky faucets, or toilets. The EPA claims that over 1 trillion gallons of water is wasted per year due to small water leaks in homes and businesses. Most of us know the sound of a running toilet or leaking faucet, but some leaks are silent. Test for a silent leak in the toilet by adding food coloring to the tank. If the color of the water in the bowl changes without a flush, you have a silent leak.

Paper4. Cut Paper Usage

Switch to an E-Fax service like Snappy Fax. This gives you the ability to fax from your computer without printing out a copy. This small step will save you more paper than you realize.

5. Duplex

If you absolutely have to print use the duplex feature on your copy machine or printer as much as possible. If this is done effectively you can cut your paper usage in half. With paper being one of the largest expenses in an office, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to cut that bill in half.

6. Use ALL the Paper

Even following the above 2 guidelines, you’ll still probably have some prints that aren’t necessary. Flip these over and use them for scratch paper or put them in the fax for incoming faxes. Make sure to mark the used side so there is no confusion between new data and old.

HP Laserjet 4100 Printer7. Upgrade to Laser Printers

Laser printers are by far the most efficient option for printing. There is a larger initial investment; however, the amount of money you save per page will offset the initial investment and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

8. Buy Refurbished Equipment

You can save the office money on the initial investment and even on upgrades by buying refurbished or remanufactured equipment. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that offers a guarantee or warranty, and you will get a product just as good as new for half the price.

9. Use Compatible InkRemanufactured ink Cartridge

Not only does this save the company money, but most remanufacturers will buy back the empty cartridges that you already have. This can turn trash into treasure and actually make the company money. Compatible or remanufactured cartridges also have more ink in them than the original so using them reduces your cost per page.

Recycle World10. Recycle

This really goes without saying; everyone knows they should recycle. Many of the things you recycle can make you money. Any metal, even the soda cans around the office can make you money at the right recycling plant.

It is becoming more and more necessary to be cognizant of the environment in our everyday lives. I have always found it best to stay ahead of the curve, and these small steps should help get your business there. I hope these ten tips give you and your office  a head start on the way to being greener and more profitable.

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