Top Ink and Toner Questions

Over the last few months I have been gathering information from friends, family, and customers to find out what questions consumers have about ink and toner. I got some great questions and I would love to share them with you as well as the answers.

Q: Why did my all in one printer cost $80 but ink for it costs $50?

A: Unfortunatly for the consumer, most of the major printer manufacturers have made the choice to use the “Razor and Blades” business model. They sell you the printer at, or even below cost with the hope that you will buy their name brand ink cartridges. By selling the ink and toner to you they are able to make up for the lack of profit on the printer itself.

Q: Does shaking a printer toner cartridge actually give you more prints?

A: Yes, shaking a printer toner cartridge can get you more prints. If you are going to do this make sure you shake the toner side to side (preferably outside). If you shake it up and down there is a good chance you’ll have a toner mess on your hands (and clothes and floor, and desk).

HINT: If you do ever get toner on your clothes, DO NOT try to clean it up with a liquid. A liquid will only set the stain. DO take a dry towel and hit the stain with it to knock off the excess toner. Then wipe it off with a clean dry cloth. When you wash your clothes the stain should come out.

Note: Small spills you can easily clean up, but for major spills call a professional. Toner particles are very small and normal vacuums will only serve to spread the mess. A toner professional will have a toner vacuum and save you a big headache.

Q: Exactly how many times can you shake a toner cartridge before it gives up?

A: Honestly, there is no exact science to how many times you can get a toner to keep going. The reason shaking it works is because toner is made up of very small particles and they settle. Shaking the cartridge loosens the toner so the cartridge can use it.

Q: Can I shake an inkjet to get more use out of it?

A: Shaking an inkjet cartridge is of no use. Ink cartridges have a sponge inside of them and shaking them can actually make the prints look worse by introducing more air into the sponge.

Q: How many times can you remanufacture an ink jet cartridge before it wears out?

A: It depends on the cartridge. Some cartridges are made well and can be remanufactured up to 9 times or more. Other inkjet cartridges are not made as well and some manufacturers have gone out of their way to make sure you can’t remanufacture their cartridges at all.

Q: What is the best way to dispose of my printer?

A: This depends, if it is working I suggest donating it to your favorite charity or Goodwill. If it doesn’t work you can bring it to JetScape and if it’s worth fixing we can fix it and donate it, or you can take it to your county’s Solid Waste disposal.

Q: What is the best way to dispose of empty cartridges?

A: Taking your ink and toner cartridges get to a responsible remanufacturing center is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of them.

Q: Why don’t I ever get the number of pages it says out of a cartridge?

A: The yield number on cartridges is based on an industry set standard of 5% coverage on a page. 5% is the equivalent of 5 about sentences. Most people print much more than that per page thereby reducing the number of pages they can get out of their cartridge.

If you ever have an issue or questions regarding anything ink, toner, printer, or copier related please don’t hesitate to call me at 239-481-1272 or email me at I’m always available to answer your questions.

3 Responses to “Top Ink and Toner Questions”

  1. chuck517 Says:

    What types of tuna make the best toner. I heard that tina tuna tend to take toner to top ten territory. True?

  2. gogreennsave Says:

    Chuck, you can’t make tuna toner, it smells a little fishy!

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