5 Ways to Conquer Toner Pirates

I showed you the 6 steps to Find Your Toner Ninja. Now, since we all know that Ninjas are cooler than Pirates, I want to give you 5 Ways to Conquer Toner Pirates!  Toner Pirates are a nasty, vile, scourge upon the world. They do their best to trick people into paying too much for toner they never ordered. Fraud.org has a page on Toner Pirates.  I don’t want you to fall victim to their schemes so here are the best ways to arm yourself:

  1. Information is power. Make sure all of your staff are aware that people may call pretending to be from your supplier who are not. Advise them not to give out the make and model of your machines over the phone as that can result in an unsolicited order from the toner pirates.
  2. Get the name, company name, and phone number of anyone you talk to regarding office supplies, so that you can verify whether or not they work with your supplier.
  3. Don’t believe the hype. The prices that these people offer are not genuine. They may offer you a case of toner for $150, and the case will have one $30 bottle of toner in it.
  4. Do not accept delivery on anything you didn’t order.
  5. Have one person handle your ordering for Office Supplies. This give them the ability to build a relationship with your suppliers and cuts down on the likelihood of being tricked by toner pirates.

Just remember if you do get a fraudulent invoice from toner pirates, there are steps you can take. You do not have to pay for something you didn’t order.  Have you been a victim of toner pirates? File a form here to report it to the authorities.

Do you need a high quality low cost provider of ink and toner? Take a look at JetScape Copier & Cartridge Warehouse.


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