Why JetScape?

Why should you do business with JetScape Copier & Cartridge instead of the other guys? I would like to start by separating the other guys into groups so that I may deal with them individually.

Big Box Office Retailers – This one is easy! Big box stores charge you too much money. JetScape can save you from 30% to 70% on all your ink and toner purchases and we have a 100% guarantee.

See example savings below.

Product Big Box Store Price JetScape Compatible Price You Save
HP 74XL $34.99 $25.99 $9.00
HP C9721A $234.99 $149.99 $85.00
Would you like a quote on your ink and toner? E-mail me a list of the toner you use and I will send you back a custom price quote. Amanda@JetScape.com

Fill While You Wait – This one is a little tougher. It boils down to quality here. When you have a cartridge refilled by a while you wait service there is no way they are cleaning and emptying the cartridge before they put new ink in it. It’s like realizing your milk is expired, going to the store buying a quart of milk and pouring it in the gallon on top of the spoiled milk. It doesn’t make for a good product.  Check out their refill process and compare it to our remanufacturing process.

Do it Yourself – This is very similar to the while you wait companies with the added disadvantage of being really messy. I have seen people ruin their clothes, desk, and even comforters to try to save $3 on an ink cartridge. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Chain Re-fillers – The biggest difference between us and the chain stores is customer service, and community interaction. We spend time trying to make our community better. We have partnered with Barbara’s Friends (Lee Memorial’s Child Cancer Charity). Our employees are active with Destiny Diaper Bank and other charities that benefit our local community. We also work harder to keep you happy with our product and service. We grew from a one man shop to a 6000 sq. ft. facility and we did it through word of mouth referrals. Your patronage is appreciated, and we won’t forget how we got here.

I hope this helps you figure out how JetScape can help you. If you have questions check out our Top Ink & Toner Questions Answered or email me at Amanda@JetScape.com


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