Why don’t some people trust JetScape?

Some people think that all remanufacturers are bad, and refuse to even try our cartridges. Saying all remanufacturers are bad is like saying all restaurants are bad because you got food poisoning once. Taco Bell is not the same as Ruth’s Chris and each should be judged individually based on its merits. The same can be said for ink and toner remanufacturers. There are some bad ones out there but some are outstanding. I believe JetScape is in the second group.

We take major quality control steps to make sure that all of our cartridges are as good as or better than brand new. Our cartridges have 20% to 30% more ink and toner in them. Every cartridge we sell is tested before it is even placed on our shelf for sale. We even include the prints in the box with our toner cartridges.

We do know that problems do sometimes occur so we have implemented the best guarantee in the industry. JetScape guarantees our ink cartridges for 6 months and our toner cartridges for 1 year. So if a cartridge doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations, we can fix the problem with no hassles. We know that our customers are the reason we are in business and we want nothing more than to keep them happy.

In an effort to show how hard we work to make the best cartridges in the industry, JetScape is working with MEP of Florida to get ISO 9001 Certified. ISO certification shows that we follow the quality standards set out for our field, and that we have outside auditors come in to verify that we are working toward the highest efficiency and quality available.

I hope that this may show that there is no reason to distrust JetScape Copier & Cartridge Warehouse. If you want to know what some of our customers say about us you can check out our testimonials.


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