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Paper Special & New Copy Center Info!

Special Local Only Offer!!

JetScape is offering our local customers paper at a discounted rate AGAIN!!

Paper 8 ½ X 11 Copy Paper

104 Brightness~20lb.

JetScape Price:

ONLY $27.00 per Case

Office Store Price:

$33.99 per Case

Order Phone: 239-481-1272     Order Fax: 239-481-6835

This paper is available for local delivery or pickup ONLY. No delivery of less than 10 cases of paper.  Paper Delivery days Tue and Friday only unless toner is also ordered.



Printing ~ Business Cards ~ Signs ~ Banners ~ Self Service Copies ~Full Service Copies~ Computer by the Minute ~ Brother Stamps ~ Banners ~ Vehicle Graphics

And Much More!

Phone: 239-210-3258    Email:

Why don’t some people trust JetScape?

Some people think that all remanufacturers are bad, and refuse to even try our cartridges. Saying all remanufacturers are bad is like saying all restaurants are bad because you got food poisoning once. Taco Bell is not the same as Ruth’s Chris and each should be judged individually based on its merits. The same can be said for ink and toner remanufacturers. There are some bad ones out there but some are outstanding. I believe JetScape is in the second group.

We take major quality control steps to make sure that all of our cartridges are as good as or better than brand new. Our cartridges have 20% to 30% more ink and toner in them. Every cartridge we sell is tested before it is even placed on our shelf for sale. We even include the prints in the box with our toner cartridges.

We do know that problems do sometimes occur so we have implemented the best guarantee in the industry. JetScape guarantees our ink cartridges for 6 months and our toner cartridges for 1 year. So if a cartridge doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations, we can fix the problem with no hassles. We know that our customers are the reason we are in business and we want nothing more than to keep them happy.

In an effort to show how hard we work to make the best cartridges in the industry, JetScape is working with MEP of Florida to get ISO 9001 Certified. ISO certification shows that we follow the quality standards set out for our field, and that we have outside auditors come in to verify that we are working toward the highest efficiency and quality available.

I hope that this may show that there is no reason to distrust JetScape Copier & Cartridge Warehouse. If you want to know what some of our customers say about us you can check out our testimonials.

More Information About JetScape

At JetScape we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, high quality office equipment, and supplies at prices that won’t break the bank. In an effort to conserve the environment for future generations JetScape has been remanufacturing ink and toner cartridges since 1997.

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You can read some top ink and toner questions and answers or give us a call 1-800-576-9376.


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  • Do you want to know what kind of printer is best for you?
  • Do you want to know if it’s time to upgrade to a copy machine?

Find your answers via our Slide Share Office Equipment Information, or email me

  • Do you want to know how our prices compare to the “Big Box” stores?

Check our prices at or you can just email me a list of your cartridges I will put a custom price quote together for you. Just remember if you are a school or government employee you qualify for a discount!

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Why JetScape?

Why should you do business with JetScape Copier & Cartridge instead of the other guys? I would like to start by separating the other guys into groups so that I may deal with them individually.

Big Box Office Retailers – This one is easy! Big box stores charge you too much money. JetScape can save you from 30% to 70% on all your ink and toner purchases and we have a 100% guarantee.

See example savings below.

Product Big Box Store Price JetScape Compatible Price You Save
HP 74XL $34.99 $25.99 $9.00
HP C9721A $234.99 $149.99 $85.00
Would you like a quote on your ink and toner? E-mail me a list of the toner you use and I will send you back a custom price quote.

Fill While You Wait – This one is a little tougher. It boils down to quality here. When you have a cartridge refilled by a while you wait service there is no way they are cleaning and emptying the cartridge before they put new ink in it. It’s like realizing your milk is expired, going to the store buying a quart of milk and pouring it in the gallon on top of the spoiled milk. It doesn’t make for a good product.  Check out their refill process and compare it to our remanufacturing process.

Do it Yourself – This is very similar to the while you wait companies with the added disadvantage of being really messy. I have seen people ruin their clothes, desk, and even comforters to try to save $3 on an ink cartridge. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Chain Re-fillers – The biggest difference between us and the chain stores is customer service, and community interaction. We spend time trying to make our community better. We have partnered with Barbara’s Friends (Lee Memorial’s Child Cancer Charity). Our employees are active with Destiny Diaper Bank and other charities that benefit our local community. We also work harder to keep you happy with our product and service. We grew from a one man shop to a 6000 sq. ft. facility and we did it through word of mouth referrals. Your patronage is appreciated, and we won’t forget how we got here.

I hope this helps you figure out how JetScape can help you. If you have questions check out our Top Ink & Toner Questions Answered or email me at

The Annihilate Your Printer Contest!!

JetScape Is Running The Annihilate Your Printer Contest!!

All you have to do is film the destruction of your printer and email it to AMANDA@JETSCAPE.COM

The video’s will be featured on JetScape’s Facebook, here, and on along with your name or company name and information.

The best video will be chosen and announced in August.

They will win a FREE Laser Printer to be picked up in Fort Myers, FL.

Office Space

You know you’ve been wanting to beat that printer ever since the first time it jammed.

Now you have the chance to get something for it.

Be creative!!

5 Ways to Conquer Toner Pirates

I showed you the 6 steps to Find Your Toner Ninja. Now, since we all know that Ninjas are cooler than Pirates, I want to give you 5 Ways to Conquer Toner Pirates!  Toner Pirates are a nasty, vile, scourge upon the world. They do their best to trick people into paying too much for toner they never ordered. has a page on Toner Pirates.  I don’t want you to fall victim to their schemes so here are the best ways to arm yourself:

  1. Information is power. Make sure all of your staff are aware that people may call pretending to be from your supplier who are not. Advise them not to give out the make and model of your machines over the phone as that can result in an unsolicited order from the toner pirates.
  2. Get the name, company name, and phone number of anyone you talk to regarding office supplies, so that you can verify whether or not they work with your supplier.
  3. Don’t believe the hype. The prices that these people offer are not genuine. They may offer you a case of toner for $150, and the case will have one $30 bottle of toner in it.
  4. Do not accept delivery on anything you didn’t order.
  5. Have one person handle your ordering for Office Supplies. This give them the ability to build a relationship with your suppliers and cuts down on the likelihood of being tricked by toner pirates.

Just remember if you do get a fraudulent invoice from toner pirates, there are steps you can take. You do not have to pay for something you didn’t order.  Have you been a victim of toner pirates? File a form here to report it to the authorities.

Do you need a high quality low cost provider of ink and toner? Take a look at JetScape Copier & Cartridge Warehouse.